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New prospect of Shandong Zhongshan Photoelectric Materials Co., Ltd appearing in CIBF2018 Li-Carbon fluoride(Li/CFx) battery


From May 22 to 24, 2018, cibf2018 opened in Shenzhen. As the largest battery industry exhibition in the world, the exhibition attracted thousands of materials, batteries, equipment and related industry enterprises to participate in the exhibition, and will show the new vitality of the battery industry, a new energy industry, to the world in a three-day period. As the only official media center designated by the organizer of the exhibition, battery set up an interview room at the exhibition site to organize a number of senior editors to conduct all-round, multi-angle in-depth interviews and focus on simultaneous reports on the event.


Chao Liu, director of Carbon Fluoride Materials Project Department of Shandong Zhongshan photoelectric materials Co., Ltd

During the exhibition, Chao Liu, director of Carbon fluoride Materials Project Department of Shandong Zhongshan photoelectric materials Co., Ltd., received an exclusive interview with battery in the exhibition news center, and expressed his own views on the participation of enterprises and hot issues in the industry.

The following is the interview record:

Reporter: Please introduce our company briefly.

Chao Liu: Shandong Zhongshan photoelectric material Co., Ltd. was founded in 2015. The company is located in Zichuan photoelectric new material industrial park, Zibo City, Shandong Province. It is a key project of Zibo Municipal government. The project covers an area of 200 mu, with a total investment of 1.27 billion yuan. At present, 17 production workshops, 1000m2 R & D pilot laboratories have been built and put into operation. At present, the company has more than 130 employees, including 60% with bachelor's degree or above, 20% with master's degree or above, and 5% with doctor's degree or postdoctoral degree. It has established in-depth cooperation with Tianjin University, Shandong University of science and technology, Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Ningbo Institute of engineering materials, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Lishen battery, etc., and established joint development laboratory of fluorocarbon materials with Shandong University of science and technology; With Lishen special power Co., Ltd., Tianjin University, University of Electronic Science and technology, Shandong University of science and technology, Dalian Institute of chemical engineering of Chinese Academy of Sciences, a joint interdisciplinary and interdisciplinary research team has jointly undertaken the National Defense Advanced pre research project, and independently undertaken a number of national and local science and technology innovation projects and industrial technology upgrading projects.

Reporter: What key products did we bring to the exhibition?

Chao Liu: Our company's products in this exhibition are mainly lithium fluoride carbon battery and positive electrode materials. The positive electrode materials include graphite fluoride, fluorine fossil graphene, carbon black fluoride and other special alloy materials for thermal battery, including lithium boron alloy, lithium silicon alloy and lithium belt.

Li-carbon fluoride battery is a kind of battery with many advantages, such as high specific energy, good security, long storage life, wide operating temperature range, etc., especially in the field of national defense and military industry, which has been formally installed in the military in developed countries, and has become one of the main assembly batteries in the future. However, as the core material of the battery, the production technology of CFC is very difficult, and it has been listed as the embargoed material by western countries all the time. The discharge voltage and specific energy of the positive material of LFC battery developed and produced by our company are more than 2.7V and more than 2300wh / kg respectively. The performance of the positive material has completely exceeded that of the imported material, filling the gap of the domestic high-end positive material of LFC battery, and establishing the industrial production demonstration device.

Lithium boron alloy is a new type of anode material for thermal battery. Compared with Li Si alloy, the lithium content of lithium boron alloy increases from 44% to 70%, the voltage of single battery increases nearly 0.2V, and the theoretical specific capacity, actual effective specific capacity and specific power increase greatly. The thermal cell made by the method has the advantages of small volume, light weight, short thermal activation time (less than 0.4s), long working life and convenient storage. The performance of the lithium boron alloy strip developed by the company has reached the leading level in China. The discharge time of the thermal battery assembled by the product is 15% higher than that of other products, and the activation time is 10% shorter. It has been widely used in many thermal cell production units.

Reporter: What is the market judgment of the company this year?

Chao Liu: With the rapid development of computer technology, electric vehicles and intelligent equipment as well as the emphasis on environmental protection, the society will become more and more dependent on the power energy, especially the world is inclined to use clean energy instead of fossil energy. In the foreseeable future, the development of the industry focuses on the high-power, high-energy, dense, fast charging and discharging power battery. At present, the range and power performance of high-end electric vehicles can reach or even exceed that of traditional internal combustion engine vehicles. However, due to the problems of charging speed, battery life and safety, they still cannot completely replace the traditional vehicles. The above three points may become the focus of the industry in the next few years.

Reporter: What's your opinion on the trend of the industry?

Chao Liu: The key to the progress of battery technology lies in materials. The appearance and industrialization of a new high-performance material will mean a leap forward development of battery industry. Therefore, the exploration of the potential of existing materials and the research and development of new materials have never stopped. With the progress of technology, the popularization of automation and intelligent equipment, the cost of new materials has been rapidly reduced, and the production capacity has been greatly increased, from the high-end materials in the past to the conventional materials today. Our CFC materials and special alloy materials are still high-end materials, mainly for users in military industry / aerospace and other fields. But we sincerely hope that these so-called high-end materials can be popularized as soon as possible, become conventional products, and benefit ordinary people. This is also the goal that we strive for.

Reporter: What's your impression of this exhibition?

Chao Liu: I have a very good impression. I feel that this is the largest exhibition in the battery industry in China.

Reporter: Do you want to consult with customers?

Chao Liu: There are many people who haven't heard about this material. They are very interested in it. There are also some customers who specialize in this field. They didn't know that our company existed before, and they are looking everywhere, but they can't find it. But they are excited after seeing us here, and finally find the company that makes this material in China.

Shandong Zhongshan Photoelectric Materials Co., Ltd
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Product Range:Organic Intermediate , Catalysts & Chemical Auxiliary Agents , Batteries
Products/Service:Lithium fluoro-carbon battery , Lithium carbon fluoride battery materials , Semiconductor process materials , Fluorine-containing biomedical materials , Fluorinated electronic special gas , Fluorine-containing pharmaceutical intermediates
Company Address:Zichuan new material Park (photoelectric Park), Zibo City, Shandong Province, Zibo, Shandong, China

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