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Our Company Successfully Developed A Low-Temperature Lithium-Fluoride Battery


Recently, the company's lithium-fluoride battery research and development team has successfully developed low-temperature lithium-carbon battery through innovative design of Zhengji's material structure and synthesis process, application of self-developed electrolyte, and optimization of battery manufacturing process.

After repeated testing, the battery discharge platform is more than 2.7V; under -20 ℃, the capacity is more than 75% of the normal temperature capacity; under -40 ℃, the capacity is more than 40% of the normal temperature.

Compared with other lithium primary batteries, the most prominent features of lithium fluoride batteries are high specific energy, wide operating temperature range (-45 ~ + 85 ℃), low self-discharge rate (<1%), and long storage life (≥ 10 years or more), safety, environmental protection, etc., especially suitable for special applications with high requirements.

Previous research reports have shown that lithium fluorinated carbon batteries can only emit 50% less than normal temperature in a low temperature environment of -20 ℃, and basically can not discharge electricity in a low temperature environment below -40 ℃, thus limiting its application . The successful development of low-temperature lithium-fluoride batteries has broad application prospects in special fields such as aerospace, deep-sea submarine navigation, extreme cold environment, and medical equipment.

The company will continue to increase research and development efforts to further develop lithium-fluoride batteries suitable for high and low temperature environments, high specific energy, excellent rate performance, and high power to meet the market's demand for batteries with different performance and provide users with more choices.

Shandong Zhongshan Photoelectric Materials Co., Ltd
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