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Shandong Zhongshan Photoelectric Materials Co., Ltd

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Shandong Zhongshan Photoelectric Materials Co Ltd is a high tech enterprise invested and established by Shandong Zhongshan Group Co Ltd which integrates R D pilot test and industrialization Zhongshan Photoelectric Materials Co Ltd has a research and development team of 200 people mainly including professors researchers postdocs doctors masters and undergraduates The company has made a number of innovative technological achievements after several years of development More than 50 patents have been applied and 30 patents for invention have been authorized in recent 3 years The company build a 5 000m2 R D pilot platform the company has established an advanced analysis and testing center for R...

Categories and Products

Lithium Carbon Fluoride Battery

New Energy Battery Materials

Special Function Fluorocarbon

Semiconductor Material

Fluorine-containing Biomedical Materials

Stable Isotopes

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