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Prospects for lithium metal batteries


As consumer devices become smaller and smaller, and the continuous use of these devices before charging becomes more and more important, it becomes more and more important for batteries to make them more compact and more energy efficient . At the same time, human demand for mobile computing and all-electric vehicles has increased, and the limitations of current battery technology have become obstacles.

One type of rechargeable battery that most people are most familiar with is the liquid lead-acid battery, which is most commonly used as a car battery. But it contains harmful substances, including lead and sulfuric acid, which can be used as electrolytes. Such batteries must be handled with care to avoid polluting the environment or causing bodily harm to the personnel operating the batteries.

The goal of current battery technology is to create a battery that can match or improve LiOn battery performance without incurring heavy costs associated with production. In the lithium-ion family, efforts are focused on adding other ingredients to increase the effectiveness of the battery while reducing the price.

Currently, our team is also researching and developing to enhance the performance of lithium-based batteries. Lithium-air (Li-air) batteries are an exciting new development that can allow for greater energy storage capacity-up to 10 times more capacity than a typical Lion battery. These batteries can actually "breathe" air by using free oxygen to oxidize the anode.

Lithium metal batteries have also achieved impressive development, with energy efficiency nearly four times higher than current electric vehicle battery technology. The production cost of such batteries is also much cheaper, which will reduce the cost of products using them.
If battery technology develops in these exciting new directions, it will reduce the production costs of consumer electronics and electric vehicles.

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